About Judy

Judy works from a home office in Sydney, Australia. She enjoys being a perpetual student and is committed to spending the rest of her life learning how to write in any style, for any purpose. She started writing poetry when she became bored with crossword puzzles, and was surprised at how much pleasure it gave her.

With few formal qualifications, Judy has found more informal resources for learning and practising her craft than she has time to commit to.

Judy working

Judy at work. Photo by John Winchester

  • Completed “Writing for the Web” with distinction in 2011, at New Zealand Writers’ College, online.
  • Belongs to three writers’ groups.
  • Uses the resources of the Internet and the generosity of its writing community to study her craft.
  • Enjoyed several community college writing courses during the 80s and 90s
  • Successfully completed secondary school as an adult at Sydney Institute of Technical and Further Education (TAFE), then several university subjects to follow interests in the natural environment, human evolution and literature, not leading to a degree.

Judy found her perfect job as an eagle-eyed proof-reader on the Papua New Guinea Post Courier, when she lived in Port Moresby for two years as a teenager. She proof-read for another six years in Melbourne, Australia, and this useful skill has never been forgotten. In the 1980s and ’90s Judy was copy writer, editor, proofreader and general office slave for a small business she started with her partner. Desktop computers were only just available when the business began, but the technology rapidly advanced. Read more about Judy’s work history along with some of the technology change she saw. In 1998 Judy made a career change to join the non-profit sector, where she worked in disability services until 2010, when she left to focus on writing.

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Email  judy@judywinchester.com or go to contact page

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