Writing Routine to Start the Day

I remember making a goal of posting here once a week, now I see its a year since I did. I also remember being given some excellent advice a long time ago — if you set a goal and fail to stick to it, don’t beat yourself up, just get back to it and keep going. You do make progress each time, and its only a temporary setback. So, back from holidays and ready for yet another new start.

Have continued to write offline, mainly poetry, and made one submission to a literary magazine without success, so time to send out a few more. I recently vowed to eat breakfast in my writing room every weekday, starting with my first cup of coffee in the morning — and stay for two hours. Writing is the only thing I do here, having so far resisted the temptation to install games on this computer.

I generally start with a journal entry to warm up, and maybe a writing exercise, or read an author I admire. Once I make the start it’s easy to keep going for two hours or longer.

Yawn, stretch those writing muscles

One writing exercise I enjoy is “copy the masters”. Literally copy down a page or so of a story or novel, for example, the first page of a  novel — what makes it work, what questions does it raise? Does it introduce the setting or start in the middle of the action? Surprising how much you can learn from this close scrutiny. Then look for something in the passage to use as a  jumping off point for your own writing, maybe begin with a single scene or fragment of description. The act of writing generates ideas for more.

~ ~ ~

My budgie is chirping madly, she is glad to have me home. An extra motivation to be in my writing room (which is a cat-free zone) — she needs the company. Out the window I see blue sky and brilliant sunshine, and feel that anything is possible.

~ ~ ~

What is your writing routine? Leave a reply and let us know.


About Jude

I live in Tasmania where I write poetry and walk with my dog.
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4 Responses to Writing Routine to Start the Day

  1. Helena Toren says:

    Hi Jude, merry Christmas to you and a good writing year! I’m 66 and ‘try’ to become a published writer. I do have a blog which needs changes and doing up etc, but am quite computer illiterate. I always ask one of my sons whenever I encounter problem. (am sure that sounds familiar to all those who did not grow up with all this technology!)
    Do you write mostly poems? I’m secretary of the Whangarei Writers’ workshop and we have a marvelous mixture of all sorts of writers, published, self-published and unpublished. We have poets, children’s story writers, fiction, true to life and more. We critique each other’s work in an up-building way and give advise. It’s a great group of people.
    Where can I read some of your work?

    • Jude says:

      Hi Lena, I like the sound of your writing group, keep at it and never give up. Check your email, I would like to be in touch.
      ~ Judy

      • Helena Toren says:

        Hi Judy, it took a while, been a bit busy but won’t bore you with the details except for one – that has to do with writing. The workshop I am part of does in-house competitions about twice a year, and this time it is a very hard one. We have to make the reader feel an emotion – any emotion in only seven sentences! The idea came actually from a writer in England (don’t know her name) who is one of our convener’s friends. Apparently they did that exercise in a group she’s involved in. It’s hard work this one!
        I write about one poem a year, I will send you two. As far as stories are concerned, I do all sorts, happy ones, sad ones, funny ones. I am busy with three book length stories, one is a bit funny (I hope (-: ) and two are action. Action is my favourite. It’s good to have different pieces to work on as I need to be in the mood for certain stories. So I can choose!
        I’d like to read some of your work too, but when I heard nothing from you after a couple of months I deleted all your emails, sorry about that! I’m glad you contacted me again, whenever I talk to another ‘struggling’ writer I get courage to get on with it.
        I recently put my short stories on Smashwords, maybe you should look into that? I sell them for one US dollar, but some little nothings are for free. here’s the link:
        Wiefke is my writer’s name on Smashwords.
        Hope to hear from you soon, I value any comments!
        (By the way, how did you ever get my email address? I mean the bonselaar one?)

        And here the two poems:

        The Night is my Prison.
        I switch off the light
        and the guard called Night
        closes the door to distractions.
        I bear with the fear
        as my conscience creeps near
        carrying my thoughtless actions.

        I suffer the pain
        gnawing my brain,
        the still raw wound in my soul.
        I know, sleep will come
        kindly release me from
        the shadow of the Night in my vault.

        The day has begun
        I smile at the sun
        think not of my night of despair.
        I blink at the light
        sigh with respite
        Daylight, my freedom, is there.


        He knows he’s ‘diff’rent’ –
        but knows not why.
        Still so young,
        yet wants to die.

        Can’t talk about it –
        there is the church.
        Won’t understand –
        oh, God, it hurts.

        His parents love him –
        so devout
        Will they still love him
        if he comes out?

        The river is deep,
        the bridge is high.
        The moon is veiled,
        the angels sigh.

        He weeps in silence
        for the world’s neglect.
        For dogmatic views,
        and what love lacks.

        He has no courage to live in truth.
        He has no courage to live a lie.
        Yet finds the courage
        to jump and die.

      • Moetie says:

        Hi Judy I answered your email but am not sure it’s gone out, it doesn’t say so in sent.


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