Writing for the Web Challenge: Get Out of your Comfort Zone


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This past year I have done things I definitely did not want to do. Like use my real name online, and get involved in social networking. I really wanted to write fiction, and here I was wasting time on Facebook. On the fun side, I got this blog going and learned how to write specially for the internet. In the end I forgave Karen, my tutor, for nearly everything I suffered in her course, Writing for the Web at New Zealand Writers’ College.

I started with great enthusiasm and devoured the first two modules. Each of the next eight made me panic and freeze up. Luckily I thawed quicker each time and the frozen state became shorter, until by the last module it endured less than a minute.

At some point I decided it would be necessary to invent the person I wanted to be. Myself as a writer, that is. That was when the course demanded several pages of information be added to the blog. Strangely, I found I did not need to invent that person after all, just describe the real me objectively, as if I was writing about someone else. The course pushed me into it and I am very grateful to Karen for having created it that way.

Bloggers, Warm and Wise

Blogging is great. I write for the occasional person who drops by right now, and for the followers I know I will have, one day. When I visit other bloggers, I am always happily surprised by their warmth and enthusiasm. There are young people who have a lot of wisdom and older people with quirky thoughts. All individuals, each with a story, who tell it piece by piece to those of us with time to listen.

Internet Opportunities

In pre-internet days, when I did a snail mail correspondence course, a teacher said something which I have always remembered. It was the idea that I could write about anything at all, in any style, for any purpose. That really captured my imagination and the internet expands it into a great heaving mass of opportunities, topics and issues. Writing is the one occupation where nothing I have ever experienced, learned or thought about need be wasted.

Revolution for Writers

It has been a great course. Writing for the Web brought together knowledge I already had and combined it with new information to give me a whole different attitude towards social networking and online marketing. It also made me realise, with the present revolution in printing and publishing, that writers have never before been so much in control of their own careers.


Have you challenged your comfort zone recently?
Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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About Jude

I live in Tasmania where I write poetry and walk with my dog.
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