Story Ideas: where do they come from?

New Holland honeyeater.

New Holland honeyeater, the first bird to be scientifically described in Australia (New Holland) in 1781. Image via Wikipedia

Every published author is asked “where do you get your ideas?” because every new writer wants some too.  The answers seem to end up being something like “everywhere” or “nowhere in particular”.

A more optimistic answer comes from
Harvey Chapman, of Novel Writing Help

“. . . you are actually already bursting with great writing ideas, whether you know it or not.

“Trust me, you have enough raw material inside you right now, for more novels than you could ever hope to complete, no matter what age you are or how uninteresting you believe your life has been.”

Creative Writing Grows

Writing generates more writing, so ideas come thickest when I write every day. Long walks help too, but regular time spent writing, both good and bad, counts more than waiting for inspiration.

Write about that bird you saw this morning

My friend Ratty, who is a keen birder, taught me to look at birds carefully. I live in Australia and he in Canada. We used to get on Skype and talk about birds we had seen, and search the Net for pictures and information for each other.

I never became a really keen birder, but walks are more fun now — but slower because I stand around a lot gazing into trees.

Thanks to Ratty I was inspired to write this poem — about writing poems — while staring up into one of those trees.

~ ~ ~

writing a poem is like finding a small bird

looking up your eyes wander and find a tree
seeing nothing but the tree

close your eyes and stop
listen to the silence

a door slams
a dog barks
a bird calls

your mind goes its own way
a dozen things flicker in and out
then leaves rustle and you search

you see a tiny patch of colour so you wait
a part-obscured shape forms in your fond eyes
and you smile

a word or phrase then written
unlocks the rest

Copyright 2011 Judy Winchester


Where do your writing ideas come from?
Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

 ~ ~ ~


About Jude

I live in Tasmania where I write poetry and walk with my dog.
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5 Responses to Story Ideas: where do they come from?

  1. Sonia M. says:

    I did end up writing a post about ideas. I thought of a garden where the seeds of ideas are planted and where they grow into stories. The post ended up surprising me. LOL.

  2. Sonia M. says:

    I love the poem! I was just thinking about writing a post on “ideas.” The topic fascinates me.

  3. Jude says:

    Hello Kevin, thank you for your kind words. Happy writing.

  4. Hello iam kevin from uk i like this poem and your words to words come from the heart like poetry to they are full of wisdom and the things you write are to this blog is lovely keep up the good work to .

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